UPDATE: We collected about 2000 signatures, but the proponents of allowing illegals to get licenses have about 4000 on their petition. Please print the petition and collect more signatures - even if the only signature is yours, you need to send it in! UPDATE: Mail directly to the Governor at: Governor Susana Martinez,c/o Constituent Services, 490 Old Santa Fe Trail, Suite 400, Santa Fe, NM 87501. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! We need to get these petitions to the Governor before the bill to repeal this law is heard! Thank you to everyone who has helped with this effort.

Please print the petition below and get as many signatures as you can. Mail them to SFFRW, PO Box 31665, Santa Fe, NM 87594. The petitions will be hand-delivered to the Governor's office on opening day of the special session, September 6th. Thank you!

Petition to New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez and New Mexico State Legislators Requesting Immediate Repeal of the Law Allowing Undocumented Foreign Nationals To Obtain New Mexico Drivers Licenses

We the undersigned VOTERS in the State of New Mexico oppose the issuance of New Mexico Drivers Licenses to undocumented foreign nationals.

 Recent polling indicated that over 70% of New Mexicans want this law repealed. A recent survey on indicates that over 80% want the practice stopped. Yet, our elected officials, who are by definition supposed to represent the people in their jurisdiction, refuse to support the will of the people.

 There is ample evidence that there is a growing network of criminals who sell fraudulent documents which show residency in New Mexico to undocumented foreign nationals for the specific purpose of gaining a New Mexico drivers license when, in reality, many do not reside here. Once a legal drivers license is obtained, these people can move throughout the country, board airplanes, apply for government assistance, etc. This is not right!

 It is a fact that not all undocumented foreign nationals come to the United States to just to work and seek a better life. Some come here to do harm. Dangerous drug gangs are ever more prevalent in the United States and, according to the Department of Homeland Security, tens of thousands of people from countries “other than Mexico” have entered the United States illegally every year. They come from Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, and others. How many of these have successfully entered this country and obtained a valid government I.D., such as a New Mexico drivers license?

 While this law was supposed to reduce the number of uninsured motorists, the fact remains that New Mexico has the highest rate of uninsured motorists in the country at 29%. The law has been a failure in its main objective.

We urge the Governor and Legislature to look beyond the special interests of immigrant rights groups and realize that this practice is a public safety and national security issue. We further urge the Governor and Legislature to find a solution that will not encourage further illegal activity and will protect the citizens of New Mexico and the United States of America.

Petition to New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez and New Mexico State Legislators Requesting Immediate Repeal of the Law Allowing Undocumented Foreign Nationals from Getting New Mexico Drivers Licenses