Why Repeal The Law Giving Licenses to Illegal Aliens?

The Case Against Drivers Licenses for Undocumented Foreign Nationals
Sheryl Bohlander

Driver’s licenses for undocumented foreign nationals – here we go AGAIN.

We have already seen a certain group of our state legislators, backed up by special interest groups, make this into an immigrant’s rights issue. They have made opponents of this law out to be racists, anti-Hispanic, and anti-immigrant, when in reality it is about national security. They have and will continue to claim that this law makes our roads safer but the fact is that there has been no change in the rate of uninsured motorists in New Mexico – it is still around 30%, which is one of the highest in the nation.

Proponents of this law will use emotion and fear to keep the status quo. I choose to use facts. So, – let’s be clear. This is not just about those who are coming from Mexico or other Latin American countries in search of a better life.

According to Homeland Security, tens of thousands of people from countries “other than Mexico” have entered the United States illegally every year. They come from Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, and other countries not friendly to U.S.

Next Sunday, 9/11, we will be recognizing the 10th anniversary of the terror attacks on our country. It is a fact that "the 19 terrorists on Sept. 11 were holding 63 state driver's licenses for identification." That is an average of more than 3 state issued driver’s licenses for each terrorist. While terrorism is a real threat, this issue isn’t just terrorists. It is about all of the illegal activity that grows out of that first illegal entry. Here are just a few of the news headlines from the past year or so:

Brazilian man arrested in license scam -

Police arrested a Costa Rican man, accused of using fake lease agreements to help illegals get driver’s licenses.

Feds Arrest Polish Immigrant in NM Smuggling case – this guy guaranteed a NM D.L. to anyone willing to pay him because of our lax laws.

NM Grand Jury Indicts 3 in driver’s license ring – this is an alleged Chinese crime ring that was helping more than 60 people with fraudulent documents!

Driver's License Scam Growing. Investigators: Illegal Immigrants Travel To NM For IDs
Here is what tax fraud investigator Alvin Romero had to say, “This is scary. These scams can ruin a person financially.”

Did you know that

37 percent of the 16,000 requests for an MVD appointment in a 9-month period came from out-of-state.

One New Mexico phone number was used 228 times to make appointments.

One address in Albuquerque was used more than 70 times in the application process.

Two Albuquerque women were arrested for selling their own addresses so 60 illegal immigrants could provide fake proof of residency.

Romero said … “This a total red flag. ” “These licenses are out there, they legitimize people. They’re very, very valuable.”

I applaud our law enforcement agencies for uncovering this illegal activity … but how sad that on one hand law enforcement goes after this illegal activity and on the other hand, a handful of legislators support the law that encourages this illegal activity!

Let me read a portion of an email I received during the last session from Jerry Ortiz y Pino -

“I certainly do NOT have a "moral obligation" to support the views of the majority. How did you ever get such a strange notion?” I guess he and the other supporters of this law also don’t think they needs to do anything to stop the crime associated with this law. I wonder just how much illegal activity they will tolerate? I wonder what they are getting in return for their unwavering support! Just curious!

New Mexico is one of just 2 states that continue to let undocumented foreign nationals get a driver’s license. 47 other states have said absolutely NO to this practice. Utah has made the decision to give drivers licenses to undocumented foreigners that cannot be used as identification or proof of legal status.

Nationally - 74% of Americans are opposed to driver’s licenses for illegals based on a Rasmusson Report. These findings also have changed little since November 2007…" Statewide polls show the same numbers. So, for years, the public has said Enough, but a handful of legislators have thumbed their nose at New Mexico voters!

I have here a stack of petitions from voters all over New Mexico that I will be delivering to the Governor today. They are from voters of all ethnicities and all political affiliations. I encourage you to sign it if you haven’t already. It is time for our legislators to listen to their constituents. It is time for the voters to hold their elected officials accountable – if this law is not repealed, it is time to vote out those who support it. It is time to solve the problem, to protect our citizens, and to put an end to this out of control increase in criminal activity.